Bring on the Canucks

Hey Emeralds fans! I hope everyone has been enjoying their free time while the team has been away from Eugene. On this current road trip the Emeralds are 1-4 having dropped all those games to the hot Tri-City Dust Devils. With the first half winding down the Emeralds are a few games short at clinching a playoff spot. The team bats have cooled off a little bit since losing 2B Cory Spangenberg to the Ft. Wayne Tin Caps. We are still in first place at 22-8 and 3 games up on the Vancouver Canadians. The Ems travel to Canada today to take on our rivals from the North in a 3 game set and return home on Thursday to finish up the final 3 season series games verse the Canadians. This week is huge for Ems baseball and our playoff hopes so make sure to come out and support your Eugene Emeralds. Have a great Monday and an Em-azing week.


Finally A Day Off!

Hey everyone hope you had an amazing weekend. the Emeralds won 4 of the 5 games against the Yakima Bears. Yesterday the team finally got a day off…and what did they do? WHITE WATER RAFTING! 11 of the players joined the front office staff to raft down the McKenzie River. It might not have been the hottest day to be out on the water but we all had the gear to keep us warm- boots, jackets, and pants. We were broken up into four different groups; 2 had staff while the other 2 had the players. Luckily, everyone survived and no one got thrown in the water. Some of the other players took a trip up to Portland to check out the Nike campus. The boys are 21-4 and left today for Tri-City and Vancuover. They will be back next Thursday to take on the Vancouver Canadians. Also, today the Ems are featured on Groupon!

All Faith Day

During Sunday’s game the local churchs joined us at the ballpark to help celebrate All Faith Day put on by Northwest Christian University. The Ems took the win 8-1 during the hottest days of the year! Mike Gallic went 2-3 while Minyety went 2-4. After the game Ems own Kyle Gaedele was a part of the All Faith Day panel where he talked about his faith journey. Today marks the last game of an 8 homestand! WE MADE IT! Today Donavan Tate, Luis De La Cruz, and Chris Wilkes are going on a player appearance at Alton Baker Park where they will be playing wiffle ball with the group Active and Aging. Make sure to join us at 7:05pm at PK Park!


Hey Ems fans!!! I hope everyone had fun at last night’s game. We had a couple of bachelor parties in the house and they were a little rowdy to say the least. We opened up our 5 game series verses the Yakima Bears and got back to our winning ways beating the Arizona Diamondbacks affiliate 6-2. We bumped up our record to 18-3 on the season and our looking to increase that over the next 4 games.

On another note John Barbato had a great outing and recorded his first win of the season. Cory Spangenberg continued his hot hitting going 3-4 with 2 walks but the star of the game had to be Lee Orr. Orr hit his 4th homerun of the season going 2-4 with 3 RBI in the game.

It’s a great time to be an Emeralds fans and I really encourage everyone who hasn’t been out to a game to come check out your local team. Great players, with a great stadium, with a great atmosphere, equal great times to be had. Remember tonight we have our Friday Firework show after the game so come on out to PK Park and see the greatest show on turf! Have a great weekend everyone!


We’re going Streaking!

Hey Ems fans! I hope everyone was able to make it out to the Verizon Wireless buy out night. We were able to fill up the whole park with over 4500 fans and sold out for the 2nd consecutive night. I have to say that last night was better than awesome! It was tubular. Not only did the Ems win, but also we set the overall Northwest League Record for most wins consecutively at 14. The Ems continued their excellent hitting with homers from Lee Orr and Jose Dore. Orr’s happened to be a grand slam, which was the first for any Emerald player this season.

It’s been awesome getting to know all the players and coaches this year. They are a fun group of guys and have been more than willing to meet with the fans and media. For example today, OF Donavan Tate was at the park a couple hours before the rest of the team showed up, getting ready to put in some extra work when some fans touring the ball park wanted to get some of their baseballs signed. Donavan was more than willing to hang out and lend the group his John Hancock. Now that is what Emeralds baseball is all about. I think little things like this are what makes Ems baseball and this team special.

Tonight we finish up our series against the Vancouver Canadians and yet again we are going for another sweep. I hope everyone is able to make it out to the park and hopefully be a part of the magical start to the 2011 season. I have to roll though and get ready for the game. Have an Emazing day!


Is it 13 straight wins with 16 total wins?

The Eugene Emeralds won AGAIN last night. The are tied for most consecutive wins with the Rogue Valley 1969 team and the 1973 Walla Walla team. Last night there were almost 5,000 fans and the firework show..lets just say it was the best firework show in Eugene hands down! Lee Orr hit his second homer of the season which brought in 3 runs. The fans were in full swing at PK last night and we expect the same tonight! It’s a beautiful day at the ballpark and for tonight’s game Verizon Wireless has bought out the whole stadium…FREE TICKETS FOR EVERYONE! ..if you stop by a Verizon store and pick up a voucher. Its a huge game for the Emeralds as they take on the Vancouver Canadians for the 5th time this year.

Happy B-day America!!!

Happy 4th of July Emeralds fans! I hope everyone has been enjoying America’s birthday weekend with friends and family. I just got into the office and we are so excited for this upcoming home stand. We have 8 straight days of EMazing baseball starting tonight against the Vancouver Canadians. The Ems are currently on a 12 game winning streak and are 4 games up in the West division. They are making history here at PK Park with a record of 15-2, they are off to their best start in franchise history. If you haven’t been to a game I highly recommend you come out. You are definitely missing something special. These guys can really do it all. In yesterdays game they came back and won in 12 innings after being down 2 runs in the top of the 9th. They win in every fashion and are truly the greatest show on turf. Anyways, I gotta jet. The ticket office is crazy and there is a bunch of work still to do before the game and fireworks. Happy birthday America! And Happy 4th of July to everyone. God Bless AMERICA!!!

PS: If you’re coming to the game tonight I suggest you come at 6 pm when gates open. Tonight’s game is sold out.


During Tuesday night’s game the Eugene Pro Rodeo came out in full force with their horses and rodeo celebrities…Even Sluggo dressed for the occasion. His 3X cowboy vest and cowboy hat landed Sluggo tons of autographs after the game! Last night also marked the last night of the EM-Azing reading program. Milo even pulled off a southern accent for the promotions!
THE MOST IMPORTANT NEWS OF THE NIGHT…THE EMS WON 11-0!!!!!! 1ST PLACE IN THE NORTHWEST LEAGUE! Matt Andriese walked away with the win and has improved his record to 2-1 on the season. Clint Moore went 2 for 3 on the night while Spangenberg went 2 for 2. Both Orr and Stokes also got some hits as they both went 2 for 4. Tomorrow nights game will be “play dead” night with the team wearing custom made jerseys. The jerseys will be auctioned off throughout the game!
We’ll be at the Eugene Pro Rodeo on Friday make sure to join us! Heres a few pictures for those of you that missed the rodeo scene at last night’s game.

Swing Batter Swing

Hey everyone..uh have you heard that the Emeralds are in FIRST PLACE AND went 6-0 during their six-game road trip where they swept the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes and swept the Everett AquaSox. The Ems are 9-2 on the season. During a three game series against Everett, four players went above and beyond when it came to swinging the bat, Cory Spangenberg, Donavan Tate, Clint Moore, and Daniel Garce. Over three days the four players accumulated 3 homeruns. While in Everett, the Emeralds put on a hitting display the entire weekend. Led by second baseman Cory Spangenberg hot at bat, the team was able to win two close games and put up a total of 22 runs in the series. Spangenberg is currently hitting .405 and leads the team in every major offensive category.

In a close 5-4 game Saturday, Daniel Garce went 1 for 4 with his first homerun of the season in the 4th inning. His current batting average is .219. Spangenberg, Moore, and Garce each recorded an RBI. Spangenberg and Moore stole the game on Sunday. Moore went 3 for 6 and currently batting .320 on the season and recorded 4 RBI’s in the game. Spangenberg also recorded 5 RBI’s during Sunday’s game. In the first inning, Spangenberg hit his first homerun of his professional career. Tate came out on top getting a hit 5 of his 6 at bats.

The Ems begin a three-game home stand today against the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes (San Francisco Giants). The home stand will go through Thursday, June 30 followed by a trip to Vancouver to take on the Canadians, July 1st through July 3rd. The Ems will begin an 8 game home stand starting on July 4th where they will take on league rivals Vancouver and Yakima.

Eugene has the best record in the Northwest League and are undefeated on the road at 6-0 and are currently 3-2 when playing at home.

It’s definitely a big week here in Eugene. Tonight’s game is Rodeo night! and you better believe that every staff member is dressed to the T in western gear…(milo might even whip out a southern accent during the promotions).

AND. tomorrow night is wine night where there will be wine tasting in the concourse and bottles will be available for purchase and can be picked up after the 7th. Thursday is play dead night-a tribute to the Grateful Dead. The players will be wearing special jerseys that will auctioned off after the game! all the proceeds go to MEMA


Great Times

Hey Emerald fans!!! How has everyone been doing? I hope y’all have enjoyed watching the Ems get off to a great start, winning 3 out of the first 4. I have no idea where the last week of my life has gone. I have officially made PK park and the front office new homes. I spend an average 14.5 hours of my day over here. I thought playing a double header on Saturdays was a grind, but this brings a whole new meaning to that word. I can only imagine what it feels like to be our GM. Having to do 3 times as much as me, entertain the fans, and run the show that goes on behind the scenes of the actual baseball game.

There is so much that goes on to putting on a minor league baseball game. You have ticket sales, concessions, game music, player appearances, promotions, what goes on in the press box, mascots, and finally the actual game. There are so many people working hard and together to put on a show for the fans. It’s truly awesome to see all the extra hours all of the front office staff put in, pay off when it all comes together once it hits game time.

I can honestly say this is the hardest job I’ve ever had but the most fun. I’ve done everything from coaching, to construction, to retail, and this job is the most demanding, but it’s worthwhile when I see the fans happy. The best part about my job is working with people I actually enjoy. Everyone is so funny and personable so it makes it a loose environment where everyone is focused on there owns tasks and doing their part to help the team. It’s awesome to be a part of something so cool.

Have a great day.